Chinese movies: Free and Easy (汉语拼音)

I spend quite a bit of time on flights to and from China and I always watch a Chinese movie. Partly to practise, partly to learn about Chinese culture. And hey, in an airplane, I am your captive audience!

Some of these movies I’ve loved. Some not so much. Let me start with my favourite so far: Free and Easy, or ‘Relaxed and Happy’ in the Chinese title. Nobody is relaxed or happy in this very funny, dark comedy by director Jun Geng. In a snowy dismall little nowhere town somewhere in China a soap salesman comes to to town to stir up trouble with his very special soaps.

I really enjoyed the view it gave me of more or less normal Chinese life: most movies they show in the airplane are either period dramas featuring concubines stabbing each other in the back in endless squabbles or romantic comedies where everybody does something in advertising and lives in fabulous appartments right in the middle of Shanghai. So yay, can’t wait to see more of Geng Jun’s work!


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