I have been dabbling in learning Chinese, or Putongua, the Common Language, for about two years now and it is HARD. I speak six other languages with ease, but Chinese has me working hard. Very, very hard.

I am getting somewhere though! WHere a year ago I couldn’t even order tea in a tea shop – true story! Extremely frustrating! – I can now explain that I don’t eat meat, that I like my tea hot, not cold, that I am looking for milk/the toilet/dumplings.
So as with most things worth doing it just takes some determination and with these tips you should be on your way as well!

My apps:
Chinese Skill
Very helpful, and the Panda gets so happy when you are doing well it really lifts my spirits every time he says ‘you rock’.
Great: it also helps you write Chinese characters and practise your vocabulary.
Highly recommended!




Gotta love ‘m, I used them to improve my Spanish and I am now trying Chinese as well. I actually prefer ChineseSkill, because for example when you are learning a new character DuoLingo doesn’t tell you what it means. ChineseSkill does. Also, DuoLingo is a lot harder. Really, I feel like I have missed a step or two every time I move to the next subject. The little owl does occasionally pop up to say I am doing well, bless him.

It’s more gamified, you get a card, and you have to memorise it. I really like what they do visually, the way they try and help you remember by working the Chinese chaqracter into the picture: well done guys!!!

And it’s quite fun.

Which is the best? If you are going to do only one, I’d go with ChineseSkills. But ideally: use all of them, and podcasts and tvseries and music as well. It takes time to learn a language, find the way that works for you!


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