If you have been to China recently there is no getting away from mooncakes. Which is not a bad thing, as mooncakes are a delightful aspect of Chinese culture and they come in many shapes and sizes!
So what IS a mooncake? Well, the 月饼 or yuè bĭng is a little pastry filled with sweet or savoury stuffing depending on which part of China you are in. The designs are often very intricate, the taste can be an acquired one if you weren’t born to it. For instance, the one from Suzhou is often savoury one, known for its very flaky dough and here’s the recipe for Mooncake filled with pork. There are also sweet Suzhou mooncakes, but this is the famous one.

If you’d prefer a vegetarian version there’s a recipe here with lotus paste.
The Mooncake tradition is all to do with the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival or 中秋节. The idea is to gather with your family, make pretty lanterns, gaze at the moon and share mooncakes. Not a bad way to party!


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